BMW Phygital Experience

"A Living Breathing Experience"


Spearheaded the "BMW Phygital Experience" project, taking responsibility for sourcing display technology, data networking software, and programming.

- Collaborated closely with designers to ensure an effective storytelling experience that conveyed the interaction use case of an AI-powered vehicle with heightened driver awareness.


Took a holistic approach to project management, overseeing the sourcing of technology, programming, and visual communication aspects.

- Leveraged 4K Projection Mapping and Touchdesigner to create an immersive and interactive demonstration that showcased the capabilities of an AI-powered vehicle.

- Designed and implemented an MQTT networking communication flow to facilitate real-time interactivity between devices, enhancing the project's overall effectiveness.

- Showcased the project both internally and publicly across multiple locations, including Los Angeles, Munich, and Milan, garnering praise and recognition.


Successfully executed the "BMW Phygital Experience," demonstrating an AI-powered vehicle's advanced capabilities in driver awareness and interaction.

- Ensured a compelling storytelling experience by closely collaborating with designers, resulting in a seamless fusion of technology and narrative.

- Leveraged 4K Projection Mapping and Touchdesigner to captivate audiences and convey the project's key messages effectively.

- Implemented an MQTT networking communication flow that enabled real-time interactions between devices, enhancing the project's impact.

- Received accolades and positive feedback from both internal stakeholders and the public during the project's showcase in various locations, underscoring its success in communicating BMW's innovative vision for future vehicles and mobility experiences.

Touchdesigner, Cinema4D, Adobe After Effects, Meta Spark AR

  • Credits:
    - Charles Drueco (Creative Director): Project Management & On Site Assistance
    - Paul Ferraiolo (Director): Project Management & Direction
    - Daniel Kim (Visual Designer): Animation Design
    - Andrew Kim (Design Lead): Animation Design
    - Designworks Automotive Team: 3D Modeling
    - Donna Kwon (Presentation Design)