Collaborated with Departamento, a designer menswear boutique in Los Angeles' Arts District, to redefine its visual identity and enhance its unique style of photography.

- Contributed creatively across various fields of UX, including website visual direction, to transform Departamento into an avant-garde boutique.

- Embraced Departamento's vision of exploring the relationship between the digital and physical in the retail space.


Redefined Departamento's visual identity, creating a cohesive and distinctive brand that resonated with the boutique's avant-garde style.

- Crafted a unique style of photography that captured the essence of luxury staple brands and emerging independent brands carried by Departamento.

- Provided creative input across all aspects of UX, ensuring a seamless and immersive shopping experience for customers.

- Fostered a sense of discovery within Departamento's evolving gallery format, challenging traditional retail norms.


- Transformed Departamento into an avant-garde boutique, attracting fashion enthusiasts and luxury shoppers.

- Established a strong and recognizable visual identity that aligned with Departamento's unique brand philosophy.

- Enhanced the boutique's online presence and website visual direction, making it a hub for fashion exploration.

- Successfully bridged the gap between the digital and physical realms in retail, setting Departamento apart as a pioneering retail experience in the Arts District.

- Continues to contribute to Departamento's success as it thrives as a destination for curated designer menswear and a hub for creative exploration in fashion.


- Collaborated with H. Lorenzo, an avant-garde multi-label fashion retailer in Los Angeles, to revamp its online identity, editorial design, and visual content workflow.

- Worked closely with the team to understand their unique approach to curating one-of-a-kind artisanal Japanese and European designers for men and women.

- Embraced H. Lorenzo's rich history of over 25 years in the fashion retail scene and their commitment to introducing unique and progressive designers to the North American market.


- Redefined H. Lorenzo's online identity, creating a digital presence that mirrored the avant-garde and artisanal essence of their physical boutiques.

- Developed a cohesive editorial design strategy that showcased the diverse range of designers, from established names like Comme des Garçons and Ann Demeulemeester to emerging labels from Europe and Japan.

- Streamlined the visual content workflow both in-studio and out of studio, ensuring that H. Lorenzo could effectively communicate its avant-garde fashion perspective through imagery and design.


- Transformed H. Lorenzo's online identity into a reflection of their avant-garde, one-of-a-kind curation.

- Established a dynamic editorial design that effectively showcased the wide array of designers in their portfolio, capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts.

- Enhanced the visual content workflow, enabling H. Lorenzo to create and share captivating visuals that resonated with their audience.

- Contributed to H. Lorenzo's continued success as a fashion retailer, known for its commitment to unique and progressive designers.

- Played a crucial role in maintaining H. Lorenzo's position as a staple in Los Angeles' retail market, spanning five boutiques and drawing attention to both established and emerging designers.


- Collaborated with the avant-garde clothing brand '69us,' based in Los Angeles, to contribute photography that aligns with their unique, unisex denim-focused aesthetic.

- Embraced the brand's philosophy of anonymity, understanding that it allows the brand to transcend ego and encourages a freedom of perception for its diverse audience.

- Recognized the importance of photography in conveying the brand's values of inclusivity, diversity, and the sense of community, despite the anonymity of the designer.


- Utilized photography as a powerful medium to communicate the brand's values of inclusivity, diversity, and a sense of belonging for customers of all ages, races, sexualities, and sizes.

- Crafted visual narratives through photography that resonated with the brand's community, welcoming everyone to be part of the '69us' experience.

- Recognized that the right visuals can bridge the gap between an anonymous designer and a global audience, facilitating a deeper connection and understanding of the brand's ethos.


- Through photography, helped '69us' maintain an air of mystery while effectively communicating their commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

- Contributed to the brand's success by creating visuals that attracted fans such as Rihanna, Chloë Sevigny, and Kylie Jenner from the Insta-sphere, while also making customers of all backgrounds feel welcomed.

- Demonstrated the power of photography in the context of UX and UI design by using visuals to enhance the user experience, conveying the brand's message, and fostering a strong sense of community among its audience.


- Collaborated with 'DesireeKlein,' a designer brand based in LA, to contribute photography that aligns with the brand's distinctive design language characterized by strong silhouettes and streamlined cuts.

- Recognized the importance of capturing the essence of the brand's smart clothing and transformative shapes through photography to convey its unique identity.

- Leveraged photography to bridge the gap between the designer's background in product design and the world of fashion, ensuring that the visual narratives were aligned with the brand's artistic and design principles.


- Utilized photography as a medium to showcase the transformative and structured nature of 'DesireeKlein' designs, creating visuals that highlighted the strong silhouette and precise construction.

- Crafted visual stories that resonated with the brand's audience, including popstars like Peaches, Kelela, and Feist, conveying the brand's appeal to the "smarter set."

- Acknowledged the role of photography in enhancing the user experience by providing a visual context that allows customers to connect with the brand's unique designs.


- Through photography, contributed to 'DesireeKlein's' success by visually articulating the brand's design philosophy, attracting a diverse clientele, including popstars.

- Demonstrated the power of photography in the context of UX and UI design by using visuals to convey the brand's identity, allowing users to engage with the designs on a deeper level.

- Highlighted how photography can be a valuable tool in fashion UX and UI, as it helps create a seamless and immersive digital shopping experience, enabling users to appreciate the brand's craftsmanship and unique aesthetic.