• Process:

    Conceptualized and developed the "Elysium" exhibition, drawing inspiration from the dystopic cyberpunk themes of the 2013 film, "Elysium."

    - Designed and created a wearable PVC jacket featuring integrated LED strips that responded to neural feedback, enhancing user interactivity.

    - Programmed a wireless network infrastructure connecting the wearable jacket, a 'Muse Headband' for neural frequency data, a local computer, and a projection-mapped wall-painting.Collaborated with the custom-apparel manufacturer 'LAROXX' in Los Angeles to produce the PVC jacket, taking cues from iconic cyberpunk references such as 'Bladerunner.'

    - Transformed dystopic themes into a playful, interactive wearable device, challenging the narrative surrounding the use of bio-data in corporate industries.


    Approached the project with a fusion of art, technology, and storytelling, inspired by the themes of the "Elysium" film.

    - Leveraged wearable technology and neural feedback to create an immersive and interactive experience for exhibition attendees.

    - Designed a wireless network architecture to facilitate seamless communication between the wearable jacket, neural headband, computer, and projection mapping, ensuring a cohesive and responsive user experience.

    - Collaborated with 'LAROXX' to bring the wearable PVC jacket to life, drawing from iconic cyberpunk aesthetics to enhance its visual impact.

    - Translated dystopian elements into an engaging and thought-provoking wearable art piece, challenging traditional perspectives on data usage and technology integration.


    Successfully realized the "Elysium" exhibition, offering attendees an immersive journey into a cyberpunk-inspired world where technology and art converged.

    - Created a wearable PVC jacket adorned with LED strips that responded to neural feedback, elevating the interactivity and engagement levels of the exhibit.

    - Established a wireless network infrastructure that seamlessly connected multiple elements, including the wearable jacket, neural headband, computer, and projection mapping, resulting in a harmonious and captivating experience.

    - Collaborated with 'LAROXX' to produce a visually striking PVC jacket, paying homage to iconic cyberpunk imagery from films like 'Bladerunner.'

    - Transformed dystopian themes into a playful, interactive art piece that encouraged contemplation on the use of bio-data in corporate settings, leaving a lasting impact on exhibition visitors.

    Tools Used:

    Touchdesigner Visual Effects Design
    - Projection Mapping via CamSchnapper Plugin
    - MQTT Networking
    - Artnet LED protocol
    - Arduino via ESP32 Wireless Microcontroller

    - LAXROXX (Stage Fashion Design Team): PVC Jacket Sample Fabrication
    - Jung Yun (Painter): Jacket Surface Clear Acrylic Painting & Wall Painting