BMW Designworks

A Wireless LED Induction Prototype For Future EV's


- Collaborated with the 'Visionary Materials' team to create a wireless 'Kidney Grill' prototype, leveraging rapid prototyping techniques and LED technology.

- Applied expertise in LEDs and inductive technologies to design a wireless system, showcasing the potential of LEDs operating under analog inductive technologies.

- Explored the concept of using LEDs for their inductive capabilities within environments featuring electromagnetic charging fields, such as roads and parking zones.Presented the wireless 'Kidney Grill' prototype at an internal exhibition on "Visionary Materials" hosted at the BMW Welt in Munich.
Demonstrated the prototype's potential for future vehicle applications and storytelling within BMW.


- Took a multidisciplinary approach, combining expertise in rapid prototyping, LED technology, and inductive systems to bring the concept to life.

- Led the sourcing, electronic hardware development, and storytelling aspects of the project, ensuring a cohesive and compelling narrative.

- Collaborated closely with the 'Visionary Materials' team to align the prototype with BMW's innovation and future mobility initiatives. Leveraged your patent for contributions to the project, highlighting your integral role in its development and success.

- Positioned the 'Kidney Grill' prototype as a continuous source of inspiration and exploration for future BMW vehicles and storytelling endeavors.


Successfully created a wireless 'Kidney Grill' prototype that showcased the potential of LEDs and inductive technologies for BMW's future vehicles.Presented the prototype at the BMW Welt in Munich, garnering attention and recognition within the organization.

- Obtained a patent for your contributions to the project, reinforcing your expertise in rapid prototyping and innovative technology applications.Maintained the 'Kidney Grill' prototype as an ongoing source of imaginative exploration and inspiration for BMW's future vehicle designs and storytelling endeavors.

- Demonstrated the ability to push the boundaries of technology and design within the automotive industry, aligning with BMW's commitment to innovation and forward-thinking mobility solutions.

- Wesselka Mandowa (Director): Conceptual Ideation & Project Management
- Designworks Automotive Team: 3D Modeling
- Designworks Media Team (Darren): Photography Documentation