BMW 'Digital You' Exterior Experience


Collaboration with BMW Group Designworks in Los Angeles and featured in the 'Digital You/Phygital' exhibition in LA, also showcased at BMW corporate offices in Munich, Germany.

Goal: Create an augmented reality prototype that transforms the driver's experience when approaching the vehicle, allowing them to change modes and environments with a simple hand gesture.

My role: Sourced technology, designed the projection mapping prototype, and engineered the end-to-end experience for the exhibition.

Utilized Meta Spark, an AR program commonly used for Instagram face filters, strategically chosen to create an immersive experience where the user's surroundings and aura were 'sensed' by the vehicle.

The prototype changed the colors around the user's face and display their digital self within the windshield of the door prototype.


Employed Meta Spark to achieve the desired interactive effects, making users feel that their environment was sensed by the vehicle, enhancing the immersive experience.

Designed the projection mapping prototype to seamlessly integrate augmented reality elements with the physical vehicle model.

Ensured that the user's ability to change modes and environments with a simple hand gesture was intuitive and engaging.

Focused on creating a playful and futuristic experience that challenged traditional vehicle design norms.


Celebrated by stakeholders and designers for its futuristic, fun, and playful nature.

Provoked new thinking around potential use cases for vehicle exteriors in the future.

Successfully demonstrated the potential of augmented reality to enhance the driver's interaction with the vehicle before even entering it.

Highlighted the importance of merging digital and physical experiences to create engaging and memorable interactions for users.

Showcased the innovation and creative potential of BMW Group Designworks and your role in engineering this groundbreaking prototype.

Cinema4D, Adobe After Effects, Meta Spark AR

  • Credits:
    - Charles Drueco (Creative Director): Project Management & On Site Assistance
    - Paul Ferraiolo (Director): Project Management & Direction
    - Daniel Kim (Visual Designer): Animation Design
    - Andrew Kim (Design Lead): Animation Design
    - Designworks Automotive Team: 3D Modeling
    - Donna Kwon (Presentation Design)