BMW Master Thesis

Intelligent Driving Experience with Real Time Vehicle Data


- Initiated the project to explore and ideate solutions for communicating the intelligence of electric vehicle performance when coupled with AI.

- Collaborated with the BMW HMI UX team in Munich to conduct a brainstorming session, capturing and consolidating innovative ideas for further development.

- Led the brainstorming session with the goal of selecting the most original and valuable ideas to incorporate into the final prototype presentation and demo.

- Utilized Unreal Engine in the project's development to create reactive particles responsive to specific vehicle data points, including velocity, acceleration, and energy economy.

- Visualized real-time functionality of these data points within a panoramic augmented reality display, educating drivers on energy generation and expenditure during their drive.


- Designed a prototype that aimed to entertain, educate, and inspire drivers to adapt their driving style based on how their vehicle reacts to their actions.

- Programmed a 'Boost' function within the prototype, enhancing the driving experience by displaying bursts of energy from the battery through visuals and surround sound audio.

- Produced driving and special audio sounds in Ableton and synchronized them with Unreal Engine and the simulator's data points for an immersive driving experience.

- Redesigned critical infotainment locations within the driver's view, demonstrating the potential of playful redesigns to engage and educate drivers.

- Explored the concept of a particle-based orb that reacted to driving velocity, hinting at the presence of an intelligent agent within the vehicle that evolves with the driver over time.


- Successfully developed and presented the prototype, earning acclaim from BMW's design department board members and external stakeholders.

- Demonstrated the potential of the prototype to entertain, educate, and inspire drivers through innovative infotainment and visualizations.

- Highlighted the value of playful redesigns in improving the driver's interaction with the vehicle.

- Explored the concept of an evolving intelligent agent within the vehicle, sparking interest in potential future implementations.

- Ongoing development of the project for potential integration into future electric vehicles, reinforcing its significance and impact within BMW's innovation efforts.

Tools/Skills Used:

-  Unreal Engine to sketch real time energy bars that used particles to visually communicate energy flow in the AR Head Up Display.

- Arduino microcontroller with MQTT data reception from driving simulator (aka Seating Buck)

- Figma to sketch and Implement 'Visually Intelligent' communication for the user in Unreal Engine with Niagara Particles

- Designed and engineered procedural, ambient driving sounds in Ableton

- Franziska Lang (Interaction Design Lead): Mentorship & Conceptual Advisement
- Benedikt Kaesen (BMW Working Student): MQTT Networking Development
- Munich EN-50 UX/HMI Team
Moodboards for Intelligence Design & HMI